In the spring of 2014 I was asked by a friend to come to her house on a Saturday with my daughter to dig up perennial flowers, make some candles, and help prepare egg salad for lunch from the eggs her chicken’s laid fresh that morning.

The following Monday I ordered my first batch of candle making supplies.  Soon I learned about wick size, wax pools, burning time, wick trimming, fragrance loads, and much more.

I was committed to making a clean burning candle with no dyes and from natural soybean.  Soy was the first choice of wax as opposed to paraffin wax.  I began buying my soy wax, candle scents, and wicks locally to support local businesses.  Today I am on a first name basis with my candle supplier.  Even those that test my candles for burning time, wick size, and safety are locals!

I enjoy making a product that is from a renewable source, made from start to finish by me.  Each candle will have a longer burning time and produce little soot with proper wick trimming.  Our candle scents are a blend of essential oils, aromatic fragrances, and stablizers which prevent the oil from precipitating out of the wax.

From my home to yours, please enjoy!